This one is easy. If you enjoyed spending time with Bridget Jones in the past, then you are going to enjoy spending more time with her and her friends in Bridget Jones’s Baby. It’s that simple.

I do not enjoy spending time with Bridget Jones. She gets tiring and winey.

I count myself as a fan. Not a huge fan, but I have been entertained by these films. This latest installment hasn’t changed my appreciation for this series or Renée Zellweger, who has always done a perfect job as the titular character.
It’s good to have Renée Zellweger back in our theaters.

It’s not the same Renee Zellweger since her facial plastic surgery.

The film works by not playing with the established formula. Once again Bridget is caught between two men, with the added complication that one of them is the father of her baby. Again, Bridget awkwardly fumbles her way through every situation, and we get the usual calamities associated with a central character who’s not always mentally present.

She should just take a DNA test, problem solved.

Any deeper points the film has to make about marriage equality felt like window dressing. What’s really important here is how we feel about the characters. Are they fun to spend time with? The answer to that is most certainly, yes. While some of the jokes fail, most don’t, and thanks to Renée Zellweger, Colin Firth, and Patrick Dempsey, the all-important central love tussle, works really well

Most jokes fail.

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