This page shows student authors, as well as faculty and support staff.

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Ashley Hern

Ashley Hern is the Spring 2018 editor-in-chief of Lariat, the student-run newspaper, as well as part of the editorial staff for Orange Appeal. She is looking forward to a career in public relations, using not only the reporting and writing skills she's learned, but with the leadership skills as well. She enjoys reading, playing with her dog at the beach and watching Sci-Fi movies.7 Articles

Frank Kalaleh

Frank Kalaleh strives to have a career in the burgeoning field of esports. While at Saddleback he has taken video journalism as well as the magazine writing/publishing class. His hobbies include comics, video games and studying geek culture as well as walking.5 Articles

Timmy Heffernan

Tim Heffernan is an editor on the Spring 2018 staff of Orange Appeal. He enjoys music and going to concerts and festivals. He will transfer to Chico State in fall 2018 and wants to major in English.3 Articles

Trenton Schwartz

Trenton Schwartz is part of the Spring 2018 editorial staff. He enjoys skateboarding, photography, reading and music. His five-year plan is to be professionally involved in the skateboarding profession.3 Articles

MaryAnne Shults is an associate professor in the journalism department at Saddleback College.