At every corner I am welcomed by a bombardment of bullets

Like a drum, my heart pounds faster than I can shoot my gun. At every corner I am welcomed by a bombardment of bullets. “COVER ON MY RIGHT SIDE” I yell to anyone around. “This is it”I thought to myself “ I will either get hit several dozens of times or I will make it to the bunker”.  I began to return fire in the direction the bullets came from. With every dozen paintballs I shoot, three dozen come my way.

It is just me in this bunker, very bad idea. The thought “If you do not leave this bunker you will get ambushed” keeps running through my head. It is too late, I am the last man standing for my team. Then it happens, behind me I hear someone roar “ SURRENDER, SURRENDER”. Out of the corner of my  left eye I see the barrel of a gun aimed directly at my back. “How the hell did you not see him” I frantically shrieked to myself.

“SURRENDER, SURRENDER” the enemy roared again. In a situation like this I only have two options; I either raise my arms or I turn around and shoot back. I choose option two. Just as the enemy is about to say surrender again, I turned around and made the enemy eat eight of my bullets. I made swiss cheese out of him. Two on the chest, three on the legs, two on his hands and one in the head.

The paintball arena was better than I had pictured. People were walking and swarming around the location like ants. The floor covered in all sorts of paintballs, looked more like a rainbow rather than grass. With each step I took, paintballs were exploding. As I walked around the park, I looked for the new players and the veteran players. The new players were easy to spot out because they had the same worried look as I did. On then other hand, the veteran players; well I spotted them out the hard way.


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