Below is a small collection of photos I took while making a last minute excursion up to the golden city of San Francisco.


Our first stop was located a bit inland from the Santa Barbara coast line and up a series of winding mountain roads until we reached the Painted Caves Trail.



Big Sur proved to be a major highlight of the whole trip and the Pfeiffer State beach waterfall spilling onto purple tinted sand was a mesmerizing sight.


Monterey Bay’s gloomy sky’s and mundane harbor docks weren’t exactly persuasive in capturing my interest, but I still took a few minutes to park next to the beach side power plant and snap a few photos of the approaching storm.


After climbing to the furthest point of a submerged rock on a Santa Cruz beach, I was surprised to look down and see that I had almost walked into a friendly little seal. To this day, I still don’t know how he managed to climb there.


A trail that’s reminiscent of J.R.R. Tolkein’s shire, San Francisco’s “Lands end trail” above the Sutro Bathes made us briefly forget that we were even close to a city.


A photo capturing our first glimpses of Ocean Beach, located on the outer edges of Golden Gate Park.


A nice lookout point on Ocean Beach surrounded by some less than desirable swimming water.


The crown jewel of the city, Golden Gate Bridge.

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