A thumbs up review for raspberry and almond thumbprint cookies.

Celebrating National Cookie Day on Dec. 4 and National Bake Cookies Day on Dec. 18, among other holidays, by making fresh cookies is an obvious, yet wonderful idea. One recipe, Raspberry and Almond Shortbread Thumbprints by Dee on AllRecipes.com, has a four and a half star rating from over 1,500 reviews. “Shortbread thumbprint cookie filled with raspberry jam, and drizzled with glaze,” wrote Dee, the author of the recipe. The recipe says prep time is 30 minutes with a cook time of 18 minutes.


The recipe is similar to classic shortbread, and the cookies turned out delicious, making about 36. However, for a novice baker a few tips and tricks might add to the original recipe.

For example, when creaming together butter and sugar use a fork, not a wooden spoon. Also try mixing in the flour using your hands, gently folding the powder into the sugar and butter mixture. 

Definitely make smaller balls of dough than you expect, the diameter of a quarter, because the dough expands quite a lot. Using your thumb is not advisable. Instead use your index finger and create a deep hole for the preserves. Fill it in with plenty of jam. Otherwise the cookie looks sadly lacking without enough.

The recipe says the bake time is 14 to 18 minutes, yet 16 minutes seems the best in order to achieve a lightly browned cookie.

Making the glaze only using the instructed one teaspoon of milk is a bad joke that will leave you with lumps of powdered sugar. Use 3 or 4 teaspoons to ensure a malleable glaze. Try pouring the glaze into a small plastic bag and cut a tiny hole off one corner to decorate with more control. Unless you don’t mind cleaning drops of glaze off your counter, put wax paper underneath the cooling racks when drizzling the glaze.

While the instructions say to let the cookies cool on the baking sheet after pulling them out of the oven for one minute, two minutes is better to allow the cookies to settle before trying to remove them. 

Good luck baking and have a happy National Bake Cookies Day.

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