Imagine it raining and putting on a sleeveless warm-yummy-throw. That’s what it feels like to wear this seasons trendy poncho.

“Something quick and easy and really comfortable, a favorite item in my closet,” said Christina Cotten who is a Long Beach student. “I like the black and white one that I have because it goes with everything.

Most ages can wear a poncho and one friend on Facebook even finds it humorous because she is Latino.

“When your Mexican and the poncho is in style and you are like hell yeah! Walking around with a blanket…lol,” Alexandra Vivienne posted.

Best place to find them on the cheap, are department stores like T.J. Maxx, Marshalls and Forever 21 for about $25. Look inside these stores where the accessories are placed.

Treat them as a jacket and do not wash them frequently. This way they stay looking new and presentable, otherwise dry-clean or wash them by hand and hang dry.

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