By Savanah Mendoza, JRN2 student

The rare all-nighter is a necessary evil for many professionals and students trying to meet a tight deadline whether it be for a final exam or to meet a project due date.

Saddleback College student Matthew Smith, 21, says his sleep habits lean more towards the side of being a night owl and how this effects his success when it comes to pulling an all-nighter at the Mission Viejo library on Tuesday, March 27.

“When it comes to tackling the big night I always prepare accordingly,” Smith says. “I must be in a comfortable work setting, always make sure my station is organized, have good snacks available, stay hydrated and avoid reduced distractions at all costs.”

Caffeine is a necessity when it comes to Smith’s nightly routine. He will usually lean towards coffee but he also tries his best to only drink small amounts at a time in order to reduce the possibility of crashing afterwards.

“As far as I can remember I have never had the best of sleep habits,” Smith says. “When my father passed away it became harder to fall asleep or to get a full eight hours of rest, but in the end it helped me overcome the struggle of pulling an all-nighter when I need to the most.”

Like many college students, sleepless nights are sometimes the only answer when it comes to either making or breaking the final grade. However, college students aren’t the only ones who suffer from this pain, in general, adults do as well.

“While the mean total sleep time of adults is about eight hours, there is much variance on both sides or tails of the curve” according to the Sleep Association. “Some adults only require six to seven hours, while others require nine to ten.”

Paul Davis, 52, an independent insurance broker said he manages to pull a successful all-nighter when it comes to meeting specific deadlines.

“Getting the big prize is what keeps me motivated the most when it comes to pulling an all-nighter,” Davis says. “I don’t pull all-nighters all to often but when I do its mainly because I have fallen behind on work and everything becomes so overwhelming.”

Physical activity and a healthy diet plays a big role when it comes to Davis’s nightly routine. He does sets of push ups and jumping jacks to keep his blood flowing so that it will help his brain stay on the right track. His diet consists of eating something healthy for dinner and then only consuming water and coffee moving forward.

Overall, there are a variety of different strategies on how to help one pull an all-nighter. However, at the end of the day it is all based on which strategy you choose and how well you coordinate your night to come.

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