Voting is a right and a voice, go vote so you can have a say.

Voting is a right and a voice, go vote so you can have a say.

While sitting and thinking about why it is important for everyone to vote, it became hard coming with a reason besides the obvious that is our duty. It gives the people a chance to say what they want, also it is a way for the general populations voice to be heard during that one time every four years. As this new election has come into our lives, we are left with two choices. But are those the candidates who we really want to speak for us?

Voting has become part of American history. Ever since the Fore Fathers set up the system it was put into play so there would always be equality between the people and the government would hold true to what we want. But to the contrary if voting were fair, it would be illegal.

It seems now there is nothing more that goes on than finger pointing, Republicans versus Democrats. Which one is better?  What makes this whole thing even worse is that we are voting for an Electoral College and they get to say who becomes president not us. We do not directly vote for Clinton or Trump, exciting I know.

Even though we do not get to vote directly, it is still important to have a say, to prove there is still a voice, even if it is only with propositions. That part makes it totally worthwhile right? When there are so many different things to choose from, explanations about each one can be just as overwhelming. Even if the people have a “say” does the capital really take our opinions into consideration?

The candidates have gotten so out of control that fewer people are starting to even care about the election at all. It is likely that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have not worked on the same level as the middle class since the beginning of time. Their hands may be dirty, but lucky for them a simple $500 manicure will fix whatever paper-cuts they get.

Maybe it would make a great new reality show, the president working as a server or a plumber, you know real life experience. Hopefully then they could be an understanding of what the common person goes through everyday.

There is also the big question, who’s really running the show? Obviously the president is just a puppet for the people to look up to. So how big of a difference does our vote really make? No wonder people have turned to Hollywood to tell them what to do.

So what do we do now? Ignore the problems our country is having? Hopefully there is a way to stand up by voting for what the people really want for themselves and their country. Fact of a matter, higher turnouts, makes our democracy more representative.

But when broken down, yes it is very important for people to vote. Even if not everyone can get exactly what is wanted, at the very least it shows the government that we still stand up for what we want and say what happens to our country. Because, how can someone complain about something, then not do anything about it.

If you do not vote, you do not get a say. It is important to show the capital that we do care and we will stand up for what we believe in.

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