IMG_9315Don’t buy into the hype. When big bucks cosmetic companies make claims that only squeeze your pockets, trying their best to get you to buy products deemed #1 by most “dermatologists.” They say their formula moisturizes – nourishes and protects against the drying effects of wind and cold weather. I understand the desire for soft lips and smooth skin, but getting ripped off isn’t the way to do it.

If you want the real deal just drink water. Cue the gasps of shock. Dehydrated skin isn’t dry skin’s offspring. Putting globs of day and night cream on dry skin only helps deplete the moisture. To these companies every day is happy “April Fool’s Day,” suckers! Laughing, all the way to the bank with your money in their pockets.

Sitting around all dry skinned and itchy-scratchy ain’t good either. But putting hope into some science foes hands is far from what you need, again just drink water.

Picture this, you don’t have to sit around all miserable and flaky like a Pillsbury biscuit. This info right here will get that money hungry mini monster with his bag of faux tricks out of your life for good.

You don’t got to feel all bad ‘bout this right here. We’ve all been bamboozled. I know what you’re thinking, get to the point. Bottom line all you have to do is just drink water.

Check this out. When serious illness threatens the stability of good health dehydration could be the root cause. Analyzing potential hydrogen (pH) of blood plasma levels could explain the negative effects of nutrient absorption, causing illness. When the pH range moves away from healthy levels the body’s natural response is to make every attempt to return back to a natural state.

Potential Hydrogen (pH) is a rating system that measures the acidity or alkalinity of blood plasma. It’s numbered on a scale with a potential value ranging from 0 to 14 with 7 representing neutrality. A scale range of 0 represents acidity while fourteen represent alkalinity. Each unit number on the range represents a tenfold change in acidity or alkalinity.

The ideal range of drinking water resides at a neutral level of 7.0. Waters condensation is determined by the amount of salt content as well as temperature. “By adding a pinch of salt and squeeze of lemon juice to plain tap water will help to increase hydration. Increasing waters sodium level will result in a slight increase in alkalinity,” says Matt Dixon, hydration expert.

Acid alkaline balance is as important to the body as the regulation of the body’s temperature. “The key to hydration is stationary with availability; it’s a big part of the job. People will drink whatever is most closely available. So having water near is a far better option than dialing emergency during an athletic performance,” says Professor Mc Reynolds of Saddleback College, who explains to students what they should be drinking. He says that muscle cramping is a sign of dehydration, and that proper hydration makes the body work efficiently.
In the human body the acid alkaline balance is important since many functions in the body occur only at certain levels of acidity or alkalinity. A small change in pH can have a significant effect on the body’s function.

To boost pH balance a diet dense in water, fruit and green leafy vegetables are rich in alkaline that can assist in alkaline balance increasing digestion and nutrient absorption.

A simple recipe of ginger pickle consumed twice daily can aid in neutralizing pH level.
1 Whole Lemon Squeezed
3 Knuckles of Ginger Pickled
½ Tea Spoon Iodized Salt

Mix all three ingredients and add ½ tea spoon to two meals daily for hydrochloric balance in the stomach aiding in digestion and increasing nutrient absorption and hydration.

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