“Brahms is very Playful”

“The Boy” was just like any other story of the creepy doll that moves but we don’t have enough evidence to blame them without looking completely psycho. We’ve seen it from Chucky in “Childs Play” to Annabelle in “The Conjuring.” Although, this movie had a twist that separates it from the other ones, that leaves the audience in shock.

This film is based in London where Greta (Lauren Cohan) an American girl who is just trying to start fresh is hired to nanny 8-year-old Brahms Heelshire, but Brahms isn’t your typical little boy.

TheBoy_MoviePosterTo Greta’s surprise, Brahms is a doll.

The Heelshire’s have cared for the doll as a human for over 20 years to cope with the lost of their real son. While Mr. and Mrs Heelshire are gone on holiday, Greta is left to follow a strict set of rules, but when she starts to neglect the rules and the care of Brahms she begins to experience unexplainable events leading her to believe that the doll is alive.

The plot of the movie was unoriginal but the ending wasn’t. It has the wow effect that most doll movies lack. The unexplainable events could have been a little more on the scary side but it’s the perfect amount to scare those younger teenage kids who seem to always attract to this kind of scary movies considering the film was rated PG13, they hit their demographics.

During the film the sense of darkness starts to turn into more of a emotional story as more details starts to develop. This film tried so hard that is had a lot going on in the scenes it sadly forgot to scare us.

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