A cozy coastal cafe, directly on Pacific Coast Highway, J.C. Beans delights caffeine addicts and bibliophiles alike.

J.C. Beans provides a wide assortment of books available to browse or purchase from the local Dana Point Friends of the Library.

Inside, stacks of books line the walls while small tables on the sides of the room cramp a single large table in the middle of the room. Students take advantage of the free WiFi, huddled over laptops and coffees.

Despite boasting excellent coffee, J.C. Beans also offers an assortment of pastries, fruit, and savory snacks. Employees quickly take orders straight faced and call out orders soon after placing them.

Patrons who choose to eat outside in the enclosed patio don’t seem to mind a dwindling smell of exhaust or the sound of rushing, revving cars. Clean tiny tables fill the patio area and light chatter from locals relaxing fill the patio area. Bicyclists stop to re-fuel, while busy commuters benefit from the convenient drive-through.  

J.C. Beans’ mocha is hot, has a light chocolate taste. Without being too bitter the drink retains a true coffee flavor. Famous for tasting similar to a snickerdoodle, their vanilla chai latte is a cup of comforting vanilla foam.

The blueberry muffin’s delicious sugar crusted top covers it’s warm, fluffy blueberry-filled goodness. It doesn’t overpower the palate like some store-bought muffins can, but its sweet and enough for one person. The warmed almond croissant is slightly buttery, flaky, has a heavenly chopped-almond filling, and is perfect for sharing.

It’s no surprise why J.C. Beans is still considered a local favorite over 20 years after establishing and a competing coffee shop opening up less than a block away.

  • Logo from J.C. Beans website: http://jcbeans.com/
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