The Tacos are downright delicious. The meats taste fresh, a little charded and extremely juicy. Each type of meat is very well seasoned and explodes with flavor. Usually the asada and carnitas are the favored meats in tacos but at El Torito the undisputed winner is pollo. Pollo is also the meat with most frequent refills.

When choosing salsa take caution, the hot salsa does not lie, it’s scortching. Beer will help cool down the salsa. The corn tortillas are a better size than the flour for the amount of meant given but the smooth texture of flour is nice too. Also, the flour tortillas are quite large and could wrap around the meat a time or two making it like a burrito. Either way, customers should try both tortillas and every meat. No disappointment in the tacos.

Tacos are served street taco style and cost $1.50. Customers order a specific number of tacos from the waiter or waitress. There’s quite a variety of tacos to make because the choices include two different types of tortillas (flour or corn), three meats (pollo, carnitas, or asada), and several condiments including two salsas, and multiple toppings.

El Torito tries desperately to be an authentic Mexican Restaurant, which it is not. The walls are decorated with tacky hand drawn paintings. Also, Random sculptures that have nothing in common or anything to do with the each other. El Torito’s music sation is quite odd too, they play today’s pop radio songs and funky disco tunes back-to-back. The Atmosphere is confusing but the people are all happy. Definitely not an authentic Mexican restaurant but fun for a fiesta or catch the big game.

Service is initially slow but once it starts rolling it’s smooth. Hot and fresh chips along with mild salsa are complimented on every table. Before the chips and salsa are depleted the servers will have a new batch on the table in no time. Soft drinks and water are very rapidly served as well but orders from the bar may take several minutes. The bar has five beers on tap and a selection of approximately 50 liquors.

Located on the Dana Point Harbor, El Torito totally blends Mexican-American cuisine with a beach like feel.

All in all El Torito is beautifully located but lacks personal flare. My date and I walked out spending 30 bucks on 10 tacos and two drinks including the tip. Pretty good deal considering the amazing view. Taking a walk after dinner is a must, there are plenty of boutique shops for window-shopping and benches about every 20 yards for bird watching, yacht dreaming or my favorite, admiring our beautiful American west coast.

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