A few news captions that embody the idiotic nature of the Orange County people.

A Dana Point man created an extremely toxic chlorine cloud while attempting to unclog his sink, according to the OC Register. The man mixed Liquid Plumber and sulfuric acid, creating a toxic chemical reaction resulting in a cloud that put his whole neighborhood in danger.

An Orange County deputy left his loaded patrol rifle on the trunk of his police car and drove off, according to the Daily Mail. It took the deputy six hours to realize the gun was missing.

An intoxicated man attacked an Uber driver in Costa Mesa, according to ABC 7 News. Instead of thanking the Uber driver for getting him home safely, the intoxicated man punched and slapped the driver in the face while pulling his hair. The driver caught his passenger’s drunken rampage on a video that resulted in the passenger getting fired from his executive position at the Taco Bell Headquarters.

Photo credit: By Martijn at Dutch Wikipedia (Transferred from nl.wikipedia to Commons.) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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