The holidays don’t always bring joy, especially for those who are single. In 2015, 50 percent of America reported being single according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Michael Kerr of Healthline reports that 1 in 4 college students face symptoms of depression, making everything that much more horrific.

From Thanksgiving to Valentine’s Day, 83 days in total without a ‘yours truly’. Too many awkward family moments to handle in under two months! How many times could anyone bear having grandma ask, “Where is your other half? You don’t have one?”

Valentine’s Day can be especially hard for those without a partner, considering the entire holiday revolving around love.The mere idea of couples strutting around town, going out to dinner, enjoying a movie, disgusting. But do not let these times “alone” drag you down!

Here are the top five things to do on Valentine’s Day for singles!

1. Hangout with your closest friends

Who ever said you had to be alone? Get your other single friends together and hit the town! Go have dinner, see a non-romantic movie, have some drinks, the choices are endless for you and your posse.

Not only is going out with your friends cheaper than any date, having a personal support group actually benefits your health. Senior writer at Live Science Rachael Retter writes that individuals with strong social relationships increase their survival odds by 50 percent.

Ryan Perera, 21, spends extra attention to his friendships all year round.

“The best thing about hanging out with friends is having the opportunity to deepen the friendship,” Perera said. “I like to have video game marathons or going to a movie premiere.”

2. Quality alone time

Don’t sit around and have a self pity party, use the silence for good. Sometimes we all need a break from each other so spend some quality “me” time!

Find the best hike in the area and enjoy some nature! Go on a drive through the country. Blast the stereo with your favorite music. Hit the weights at the gym or go for a run.

Taking a moment out of your life from the hustle and bustle  to focus on yourself can be refreshing!

3. You are never too old for family time

If you have family close by, it never hurts to pay them a visit and make something of it! Busy schedules can bog down energy to perform simple tasks like calling mom or dad, so make a day out of it.

Take your siblings out, visit your cousins you haven’t seen in some time, spend some time with your aunt that has been bugging you on Facebook. The key concept here is quality time with those who come before any romantic relationship.

4. Binging Netflix is never not a good idea

Maybe going out with others isn’t your thing, but there is always great alternatives! So kick back, relax, and turn on the latest show you’ve been watching on Netflix.

The great thing about Netflix is that if you find a great show, watching it for hours on end doesn’t get boring. Your pet will surely enjoy the cuddle time with you and your favorite blanket.

Adding food into the equation only makes things better, no matter how unhealthy the choice is! If you had any excuse to splurge on junk food on any day of the year, Valentine’s Day is that day.

Mitch Marowitz, 23, says that continuously watching Netflix is stress relieving.

“Yeah, I watch the same show over and over until I finish, and it is nice,” Marowitz said.

If you are unsure about what to watch or want to be adventurous in your movie/show choices, here are lists to the best comedy, horror, and romance films on Netflix.

5. Trash on your past flings

Last but not least, revisit the past, and this time, have some decent ammunition to fire at your dreadful past relationships.

‘I thought this was a happy list.’ Well think again! No matter how hard we try, we’ve got to let our inner troll out every now and then, and it is pretty damn fun.

You can do this by yourself or with a group of friends, the more the merrier! Let out all your inner rage via shit talking on all the past people that ever did you wrong, and in this case, former boyfriends/girlfriends.

Linda Douglas,age, dedicates a certain portion of her Valentine’s Day exclusively venting her past frustrations.

“I spend 45 minutes every Valentine’s Day going through Instagram and talking shit on them,” Douglas said. “It is pretty fun and stress relieving.”

Don’t let the lack of intimacy bring you down! Make an effort to making this Valentine’s Day the best one yet by treating yourself.

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