“Bad Moms” is about three women who have had enough with the mundane life they are living. The main character Amy Mitchell, played by Mila Kunis, is a hard working, very “put together mom” who works for hipster coffee company, gives her kids healthy foods to eat and appears to have it all.

The f-bombs begin in the first two minutes of the film. Although I think that word is fun to say, I’m pretty sure they could get the point across without it being used every other sentence.

Not even ten minutes into the movie the obvious happens, Amy’s world gets turned upside down. About 15 minutes into the movie Amy has had enough of being the mom who does it all. She starts by quitting the PTA, goes to a bar and meets her two new life long friends. Obvious I know.

After the drunken spree of letting your hair down the three moms decide it is time to become bad moms. So they do things like going to movies instead of shopping for food and drink their coffee in silence instead of cooking breakfast for kids who are not even grateful.

The movie goes on with all the excitement of taking a break from the motherly duties and just screwing off for the next week. Of course towards the end, things fall apart and Amy has to fix it. So the predictable happens, there are house parties, sex, drugs and the disappointment from your child. After that the only thing that can happen is Amy can correct her new mistakes, which she does, obviously.

Aside from this movie being foreseeable, it showed that every family has craziness and it is ok to get plowed on a school day sometimes. Swear words are funny and moms who are out of control are even funnier. Mila Kunis did a great job at playing the “bad mom.”

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