Orange County’s very own local boys in Ridgeway have released their third albumUntitled,” released off of Sun Terrance Records. This album features six melodious tracks, that throw down a spiral of melancholy feels.

Starting the album off with a piece titled “Rosegold” which is three minutes of pure insane instrumentals all leading up to the intro of the second track titled St. Helena. This piece is short and mellow but dark and gloomy in a very subtle and inventive way.

Track 3 “Downwind” is the first track where vocals are finally heard. The shouts and screams are so heart aching in this track that it’s no lie why they refer to themselves as the OC sad boys. As the rest of these tracks do, “Downwind” runs through to the next track titled “High Desert”, where vocals are spotted again but this time its more of a soothing vocal for about 10 seconds and we are brought back to heavy drums and raspy screams.

“Moritiz Stiefel” is the fifth track on the record and the longest of all, to add it’s by far my favorite. The vocals are so rich and soothing with the perfect melodic balance in the instruments to accompany it. This piece has such a nostalgic feel to it.

“I’m terrified of this very moment, I’ll glorify the day. Fantasize of the very moment when blue skies turn gray.”

Holy wow, that hit leaves a sort of numbing feeling, just let those lyrics sink into your deepest core.

To end the album, track six titled “Faded” is the perfect closure for an album that had it all. Without ruining the balance. Faded, is basically the cool down, with so many elements this song just brings you back to the gentle comfort.

“Untitled” is a total vibe leap from the bands prior album “Notes from the Underground,” it has a heavier approach but being subtle with it. It’s a trip to the melodic hardcore side of the music scene. With heavy heart lyrics and mesmerizing instrumentals, its enough to leave you in awe.

The instrumentals go a long way in this album, the amount of focus that the band put into it is extremely noticeable, take a moment to appreciate it. This is more than your basic guitar/bass and drum combo.The best way to explain it is basically a balance of harmonious distortion and perfect melody that goes way beyond the whole edgy-emo vibe set out. Passion is sure to be found.

“Untitled” is available on Spotify and on the bands Facebook page making It easy for anyone to take a listen. You can also purchase a physical copy also available on the Facebook page.

Ridgeway has come a long way from their first release, it sets the perfect example of the growth and changes a band undergoes overtime.

You can catch ridgeway at any local house or DIY show in Orange County where they put on a killer show, support your local bands! (Ridgeway Facebook) (Ridgeway Bandcamp)

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